Sunrise with Pasir Ris

by - 8:21 AM

Haha! I bet you're just dying to see what I took while tonning with XT and Xiuyun on Monday. Sorry, my USB with Elliot, so I'm gonna use PPA's pix 1st.

After tuition with Elliot, I went to find XT and Xiuyun at Hougang Plaza Kbox. It was super cold there alright! Then we were in this super small room. In the end, we managed to change the room into much bigger one. Xiuyun slept for half an hour till going one. Then I used the mic to wake her up. Haha! We only go there slack can! We didn't use mic to sing at all! Then at last when reaching 2AM, XT hurried us go. Xiuyun and me sang Justin Bieber's baby before we go. He's super cute <3 Then XT going to find Maverick and I don't wanna go be light bulb, so I followed PPA and found out she was going to meet up with this guy friend of hers which she did not meet before. I was like speechless. She meet up with new friends at night. Wow~ Then we cab to Pasir Ris Park with this super friendly driver that told us his exciting taxi-driver life. LOL! We sat there and be anti-social till we wanna sleep. Time flew fast, it was already gonna sunrise. Then we slowly walked to another side of the park, wanting to watch sunrise. But I saw swings and we stopped to play. I was like self-high till her friend's friend go push me till I almost fly! In which I just told them I almost lao green shit! Rofl, this remind me of primary six. This group of super high NCHS girls played with me and a primary school friend and pushed us high up till we really almost can touch the sky. We missed a bit of the sunrise cause PPA and me went to camp in toilet. LOL! Then we went to eat breakfast and went lan. *yawn, quick write finish!* Suppose to play audi with PPA but need to patch and the patch took an hour but still not done. So we went to pay up and the person asked did we manage to patch. We said no, so he didn't charge us. This is so great! Must be due to PPA so pretty :) HAHA! Then bus-ed home with her and played with my itouch till I fell asleep from 1+ to 7+ and I didn't know! HAHA! I'm pro!~

Alright! Pix finish! Next time continue other pix. I just love the sun!

p/s been working for two days already. Tomorrow 3rd day already! Office work is boring~

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