Acting cute and faking innocent doesn't do you any good

by - 8:13 AM

It's simply stupid for you to get so worked up over small matters. You want it, suit you. But please don't affect people's mood for studying and all that. Just cut it out. This is school, not a place for fun and games where you get your attention on. If you want attention, please go mediacorp. Maybe they don't even want you. Wait.. maybe they want? Cause you have such great acting skills.

It's all about you. I love you so much cause you bring joy into my life~ You made my school life so interesting. It's like watching action-pack moive for real~ You should get a fan club, seriously. But another question will be: Will anyone join? Ha!

Will update more once I get over with my prelims and buck up with my blardy maths. Don't wanna get scolded by Mr Ong again! D:

p/s THANKS XT & BRENDON ! For whatever you guys been complaining about, you really made me LOL ! Sa Mei, I love ur cam :'(

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