Bad person

by - 10:32 PM

I'm very angry at everything now. Why is it always me being the bad person? Why can't anyone take over my role. Yea sure, you said it wasn't because of me. Yea, I made myself look very big and important, all my fault. HAHA!

So yea, I'm just saying that last minute my mum don't let me go out. It's my fault. But you guys can watch without me. Why must I be pulled in? I mean I can find you guys after that right? Quite angry at you guys for not thinking for me. I can't go out, why must you make my life so hard?

On the other hand, I feel so guilty. Sorry Nanaz!!!! :'( Last minute can't go and dua-ed you! I'll 弥补you one! Hope you can understand~

I've no mood to do anything now. Headache is there since morning. I hate twilight now. Argh.

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