Dun bother

by - 9:29 AM

So it's my fault uh? You're the fucking bitxh that made me almost late for school. But of course, you never been to a fuxking school, so you won't even know how it feels like. You think schooling is such a simple thing? Well, try it yourself.

Please la, you think all I need to do is just go to school and all the knowledge will come right to your little brain? If that's the case, go primary school enough already. You think taking 'O' levels a simple stuff? You can't even spell a fucking 'cat', let alone going for major exams like this.

For goodness sake, you're a bloody housewife. You're fucking duty is to stay at home cook, wash and whatever. You didn't wash my last week's uniform. I thought parent are suppose to help their child in every ways? You're fucking useless to me. I won't bother to take care of you when you're old. You can ask daddy to bring you along or ask your precious two other daughters to take care of you.

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