It's me once again!

by - 2:23 AM

Hello people! I just off school and now with Brendon and XT. It's a boring day, and I just wanna go home and have a sleep till at night go for maths tuition and home to study ss!! Damn it, I lost all my ss notes!! Isn't it great?

Okay, I think I'll stop blogging. I'm so freaking tired and hungry.. You know why?

I went out today with six bucks given by my mum. I went to the met station and found out that I couldn't get in because my ez card don't have enough money! Then I've no choice but to top up using my only six bucks! With a heavy heart, I went to school and pity myself that I couldn't go for recess cause I don't have money!

This makes me very upset! So upset that I can't even pay any attention in class as my stomach was making too much noise. So I gave up the temptation and borrowed money from Brendon. But I'm still very hungry now! Just kill me!

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