Oh no!

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Hey guys! Sorry for the emo post! It's just that this few days I been going thru some tough times.. Yeah, I'm trying to be more brave and face all the difficulties given to me.

Yes, I faced family problems, misunderstandings and friendships break away. I know it's all things that are so inevitable.

They say that family is your best friend. They say family understands you the best.. Well, no. At least not for me. Since young I always felt that I was neglected despite them telling me I was treated like a princess. When I reaches primary six, I found out that most of my friends and their parents have such close bond that my parent and me doesn't have.

I see how the parents of others pampered them, loves them and cares for them. I felt that my mum only cares about money and her two other precious daughters.

Will your parent give you five bucks a day ans claim you are taking so much money while your friends got like more than eight bucks per day? Sometimes I do felt that my parent do care for me. But why I keep arguing with them? My sisters are nice to be when they are bored. They are mean to me when my mum nagged at me non stop.

Say, your mum nagged at you at everything once you reaches home, do you felt the feeling of being home? When you get back home you will want to have a peace mind. School is already tough enough for anyone, can't you make me have a better day?

Threatening might work for other daughters but it doesn't work on me. I'm a person if you don't treat me as someone who gets her respect, then I'm so sorry to say, you can't and won't earn my respect either. Simply put, if you think confiscating my itouch or threatening me to kick me out of house could make me stop what I was doing.. Ha! Too bad, I wont really say much thing but your impression to me has changed.

As for the misunderstanding, I only hope she can cheer up from being upset and do 'crazy things' together again! I was in the middle so I also got confused by everything.

Friendship? I really don't give much damn to it already. Ever since the little 'cold war' started, I already heard more than I needed to. It doesn't involve me, why should I put so much concern to it? You can give me as much mood swing and pms attitude I don't really care, cause if you really pms-ing, you won't even survive. You should be more understanding to those who are pms-ing rather than faking one or with a mood swing.

Off with those stuffs, I simply hope everything will be alright soon. I mean, although I know mu family problems will never be solve. Like really, which mother will not finishing washing your uniform which you left it few days ago. Busy woman uh? Are you taking olevels this year with me too?

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