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Sorry! Slow update! It was Donovan's birthday not long ago~ He just turned 16! Like FINALLY! HAHA, and I also know he can't wait to be 18 cause 'THAT' rule will not apply to him anymore! Haha!
Epic birthday I ever celebrated. It only last less than 20mins! First, Charmaine and Brendon went out with the cake to light up. Oh, blardy hell they didn't ask me to bring lighter for them and they went around looking for lighter -.- How stupid! LOL!
I think Donovan already know..all thanks to Brendon. Must be him that's why our little 'surprise' did not work. Then I keep trying to talk to Donovan and stop him from finding the missing Brendon and Charmaine.
Then they gave me a look and told me it was time... LOL! Then, I off the stupid lights in the classroom and shocked the rest of the people that were trying to study in the class. Wtf.
Then Charmaine came in with the cake.(that action kia!) We sang that cliche song and get down to serious business! Focing him to wish and EAT THE CAKE!!! :D
Then Cedric came along-.- (cause he wanted to eat the cake). Charmaine was like, "Only those people who pay then can eat" LOL at that! In the end, he did managed to get a slice to eat. Happy is him. Left one for Alvis who had gone down for recess and another one...
Yea, we were all in class. I pick up the cake... AND SMASHED IT RIGHT ON DONOVAN'S FACE! YAY!!!
But I regretted it. CAUSE THE CAKE WAS OILY!!! I can't find a decent soup bar in Punggol Sec -.- Then Charmaine gave the stupid idea of washing with Coke. Yes, the oily-ness gone but our hands smells like CREAM + COKE . DAMN FUCK STINKS MAN!!!! -'- LOL!!!
Yea, that's all for now. I wanna get some sleep!! I almost fainted yesterday man! What's wrong with me! (and my kidneys!)

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