I'll get the shit of you, losers!

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People make mistakes. For me, I think since young I've always make wrong choices. Sometimes I do something without much thinking, that's why mistakes occur and the bad things always happen to me. Sometimes even it even affected my surroundings and friends.

I been thinking, every little things I said or wrote, it do affect other people. Of course, what other people say to me affected me greatly.

Sometimes people just don't stand in your shoe and think. They expect you to do what you're told despite your time is running out.

Yet, without fail, I upset other people. This year, I guess, I upset a lot of people. Somethings I did and somethings that I did not do, upset few of my friends.

Not that I been petty and kept things in my mind. But somethings are mend to be to there, in your head. That's it even if you wanna erase it.

I think I lost interest in a lot of things. I lost interest in pulling myself up and studying, to get better grades. I mean I want good grades and stuffs, but I just don't know why I can't get myself up to do it although I keep motivate myself and panic myself that there's not enough time already, you gotta buck up or it's too late. Yet, I don't know why I have this indescribable feeling that's won't go away.

Looking at few of my friends, either they're already very good or like XT, have improve greatly. But me, I've been left behind with my lousy result that I tried to improve but it just seem that I can't do it.

There's other people who have already given up on me. I know. 'cause I can't even help myself, how can anyone else help me. Yeah, I agree. I think I can just die, being so useless.

Sorry to those that I hurt. For those for have already given up hopes on me and tried to save others, you know what you do. You're the one who doesn't know me and don't remember what I request to you. So I won't bother to talk to you too. Just don't appear in my life and ruin my mood.


P/s so chan jing wen, pull yourself up and shit at those who doesn't appreciate you. (I try) LOL!

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