Off the hook

by - 8:07 AM

I'm back once again! I got the sudden urge to blog, but I don't really have much to rant about. Of course, my life is just filled with school, stress, olevels and family problems. And maybe sometimes pissed off problems when you're trying to be nice and the friend of yours took you for granted and smile to a few boys when you took hours to make her stop crying for some issues.

On the other hand, here's a picture of me! I know, I totally screwed my hair. But it's growing back! And I promise, not more cutting of fringe till Olevels finishes, alright? Even if I got pissed by my fringe, I'll just cut it my way.

Yes!! On the bright side, I been watching few movies with my computer. And I love it! Harry Potter 5 & 6 down. Inception down too! I hope I've more time for me to watch Vampires Suck and Salt! Actually wanted to watch Salt with few friends tomorrow but I guess probably not. But I think I've watched all the nice movies online already.. Left the Airbender and street dancing one. Not too sure either. But I refused to watch Airbender. It's just some kids show. Or maybe I'm wrong. But that's not my type. I prefer action-pack movies and stuffs. That's why the twilight in my computer rotted since forever.

Inception was quite nice. Full of actions and confusion. Orrrr maybe my English is really bad. But at least I kinda know what was going on. Harry Potter was a disappointment as usual, although they managed to cover the story plot. But I don't really feel the sadness with Albus Dumberly died. Sirus Black was quite sad :( But the books are way better.

Okay, nothing much to rant now. Although I was pretty much angry when my mum was being so stupid on me! Haha! It was in fact, like this.. My mum wanted me to whiten my school shoes. But I didn't see the shoes. (although it was right in front of me, but my eyes were on the tv) Then she scolded me, so I hurried to whiten my school shoes. Yet, she asked me to do that the next day where I am suppose to go out to meet my friends for some movie and yapping. Then she yelled at me for going out when my major exams are coming. No, I told her it was so long ever since I was out with friends, but she refused to listen. All she think was the school. She said I went out with friends 2 to 3 weeks ago, but excuse me, even Mr pTan said I could relax myself once every 2 weeks! Do you have a problem with that? LOL .

Thus she said she's not gonna give me pocket money for tomorrow trip. But yet again, what can 5bucks do if you're going Marina? Oh no, don't get me wrong. I was trying to say the food there are expensive, not that I'm a spoil kid like Joke Of E Year.

Haha, I better stop cause you know why? When I was typing all that, my head was filled with the rap Not Afraid. HAHA! I'm such a bad rapper.

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