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Okay.. I'm here to vent my anger. Yes, it's about family.. Is it what you called them? Family?

I been thinking if my dad is still alive, I might not been in this situation.. Or will I be worst?

Today is Sunday. I'm suppose to wake up around eleven to prepare for my tuition. But I overslept. I didn't on any alarms cause all my devices were dead.

So my elder sister woke me up.. That made me so fed up. You know how she woke me up?

I was sleeping plus dreaming at the same time. She woke me up by hitting me real hard on my leg. Please la, normal people would get a fright, right? Plus I was dreaming, means my soul is, what they called, out of the body. Then she hit me, causing me to be force to wake up in a bad way.

Another point, I went to bath and came out and my mum just got home. She was unhappy that I was still at home. I was already quite upset over the incident earlier, then she continue to nag at me.

My elder sister acted one kind soul but she was being so sarcastic. She kept asking my mum to ignore me, of course, my mum did not.

They kept scolding me. Normal people already can't take it. Everyone knows I'm a ninja. 忍者。I put up on whatever they said.

I nicely told my mum that my prepaid card for phone expires tomorrow.

"Then let it expire." That's what my mum told me. I was so fed up.

Then after awhile she gave me $28 for the phone card, but I know she was already not happy.

My sister was there kept every 5mins go, "1.35pm!"

When she said 1.40pm, I prepare to go out already. All I need to do is to take my itouch and phone can already.

Guess what? My mother start yelling at me. I already put on with all their nonsenses and now this.

O yeah, before that, I was steaming the bun. Then I dropped the machine's cover cause it was too hot. Then it burned my thumb. So I walked out of the kitchen to the bathroom to wash my hand.

Guess what? My elder sister looked at me and gave me the shaking head and 'look down on you' look.

Then I yelled at her, what la. Then my stupid mother thought I was saying her then scolded me. Get the facts right first before assuming it was you, old woman.

So, I yelled at my mother before walking out of the house. Then she said best don't ever come home again. I wish. But I will put up with all you guys' nonsenses till my O's finish and that's goodbye.

Currently at tuition now. The fucking boys are playing and making so much noise.

The fucking dickless Jenson saw me and said this to his friend..

"Let's go. Don't want see a chee bai kia."

LOL, yes I have chee bai. Are you jealous? Cause you're jealous walker. LOL!!! He's another keyboard warrior :)

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