Pathetic me..

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Hey guys, it's been a long time. Been having some rough time right now. Everything's not right for me. Falling sick.. Homework lots and undone. Teachers looking for problems.. People trying to piss me off by breaking their promises and making me hate studying and someone's childishness. School, home and tuition are just not that great.

I know parting some is my fault. But can't you just understand me? I'm stupid, slow and have bad time management problems. I spent too much on other not important stuffs. But you can't just put a full-stop in my life and studies just because I was not totally concern.

I'm really very tired. Illness all coming up to me. I'm really gone. All my interests gone. Even for cosplay. I can't wait for O's to be over yet, there's part of me bot wanting it to come so quick. 'cause I haven't studied yet. I really feel like dying.

........ I hope I can be more healthy. I wish I was much hardworking or smart. I wish I've better time management. I wish there's someone who is willingly to teach me any subjects.. Be it maths, Chinese, English, chemistry or POA.. No one will.

Everyone has given up on me. And I'm gonna give myself up soon of this continues.. Yes, there're students for are willing to teach me.. Or maybe one or two only.. But I know you guys are busy too, with all your own tuition and school work.

So... Give her up?

............. End .

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