I don't care

by - 10:10 AM

19days to O's. I'm not prepare. History prelim 4 this monday. I'm still in this shit. L1R5 is so disappointing. I feel like killing myself. How can I achieve my goal like this? No place to rant. Facebook is to scary to write something like this. Teachers and silent stalkers are looking. They're reading. Sometimes that's why I hide all my feelings away. But people just don't get it. They trends to hurt and burn me. They think that I won't feel any pain, but in fact I do.

YOU GUYS DON'T NEED ME, SO FUCK OFF. If you're not here to help, go away. If you think we have nothing much to talk, then let's not. Tired...

Have not been sleeping well for this whole week. Keep dreaming. I can't stop this. Woke up and found that I didn't even rest at all. Wtf. I hate this and school is so pissing me off. Ptan gave his pms again. I get pissed at every single people do or don't do. I hate personal problems. Stress is not helping me either. Panic all the thing and I can't get anything into my head.

I gave my iTouch to my sister untill she feels like returning to me. After O's. Happy using :)

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