Prettaye much an update ya?~

by - 5:46 AM

OMG! Stupid blogger doesn't allow me to upload a picture. C'mon, all I want was to upload a Justin Bieber photo here right? What's wrong with you! LOL

Back to my blog, I been living in misery, thanks to this particular guy, no he is not my boyfriend or father or whosoever. He is just a typical Singaporean. I'm not related to him, blood or relationship.

Prelim 3 is finally over! I heard that I passed my maths, finally! But I flunked my POA D: OH GOD! You know what, thanks to that particular guy. That guy tried to ruin my relationship with my mother, which was already very bad, and my BFF :( . I've no idea how he done that, so applause for him :D

O levels is coming too. Less than three weeks. It's like I'm going for a war with no preparation. I'm wearing no armour and having no weapons. I'm going to face the demon, alone. With no help. Thanks to that particular guy, again. Yes, applause please!

Just got home two hours back or so from Hougang Mall. Slacked at kbox cause we went in there to watch MVs, not to sing. I called it slack cause we didn't use microphones and I didn't sing much and out of tune a lot, cause I didn't sing much. LOL?!

Yes, screw you blogger, facebook and that pineapple head-particular guy.

One day, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and Friendster will combine and we'll called it, 'Fook you my friend' . -'- WOOOO!

p/s my mother is pissing me off now cause I didn't told her today is my last paper and she assume last day is tomorrow. She wants me to get off computer now. -'-

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