MIA Queen Is Back!

by - 1:42 AM

Hello people! I'm so sorry that I've neglect this blog for so long! In fact, I actually wanna blog during afternoon but something important came by. By dinner time, I saw this text from a friend and all troubles come. Nope, it's alright. I decided that they could really side whoever that want 'cause this ain't my problem anymore. Since someone doesn't seems to be interested in settling it, why should I bother?

Yes! I know, I know~ Few more days to my O's! Why am I blogging? Because something big happen and I can't tell anyone about the issue. But I could say all my feelings here rather than to a friend, who might be not reliable.

1. Tired
I been trying to settle my own family problems which is super huge problem and people just think it's like an argument, an in-conflict. Nope, my family and I are quite bond together. We are facing external forces. Although we don't have the backing of US, we have our own backing! My apologies, too much History! Plus I have to travel a lot lately. Which caused me to have lesser time to study. Once, I slept at 3 in the morning. In addition, I went to school the very next day.

2. Sick
Well, I been sick quite a lot lately. It's not want I want. Insomnia and etc. My eating habits too. Plus, I ate panadols and it gave me itchy legs. Great! Pimples popping due to constant lack of sleep and stress given by the school.

3. Stress
Stress on school work and own problems. Now people are trying to give me more problems. Funny right?

4. Irritated
I'm not going to try to be nice and let people sing Miley Cyrus's The Climb and climb onto my head. And dude, seriously I don't think you're much of a help. Only got me pissed when I told you once I will and must not tell you my personal stuff and you mentioned yet again. No point of fixing cause I think I know who got us into this mood like this. Tell you guys, you all won't believe me. For that, I shut it. Don't have friends the better. At least I know they won't use my friends to get me. They think they trying to mess up my friends' emotions and it could affect me? Well, three hours it did. But not now.

On a happier tone, I just read this book from wattpad.com intro by Shahid :) It's called "Betrayal (A Secret Draco Malfoy Love Story) " It's basically a made up story by this author and she talks about being Harry Potter's girlfriend and ended up breaking up with him to be with Draco Malfoy. Really, the way this writer writes, it makes me kinda fall in love with Draco too. She depicts Malfoy as a passionate lover, the perfect lover you could hardly find in the world. The type that doesn't exist in Asia. Hahaha! It makes me feel young again and the puppy love feeling is within me. So sweet! Oh gosh~ I can't betray Justin Bieber!

The chapters have not end yet. Despite that, I'll continue to check it out once awhile when I'm free to see if there is more coming up! :)

Now is 11.30PM. It's still early. Well, for me for slept at 3am, it's early. Half an hour before Gerard Di 's birthday! Wish him a wonderful birthday! Get yourself a pretty girlfriend if you're single. I hope you have quit smoking and all the best for your job or studies! :) Gonna text him later too!

I'm gonna off my computer now. Didn't get to revise anything today cause my mood was damned by some fellows. Till then, see you guys!

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