Back to square one

by - 8:43 AM

I guess now that my secondary school life has come to an end, it's just the beginning of something new.

Firstly, big thanks to this pig of mine who helped me out in solo designing my blogskin and pictures, whatever and stuffs. Love her! My blog looks great, don't you think?

Next, I prolly won't update as much unless my posts have pictures with them. Dull, just reading words and words without anything new. Right?

Currently on MapleStory. A game I used to play when I was primary six. I reckon to start playing again since PSLE and Olevels are important and Maple was in it for the year. Also, my friends are playing too. It would be nice to acconpany one another!

I won't nag much about my Olevels since it's already over. Let's just party till mad now! Just kidding. It's been weeks now, and I only went out once. That was to look for a job. You might be wondering why, it's because of MapleStory and I've turned into a lazy pig too! ):

Before Olevels, I couldn't sleep due to studying and revisions. Now, I'm still awake till 4 in the morning. I think I must be mad. But I kinda missed school. Without school, I don't even realized days have passed so fast and I don't even know which day is today.

Lastly, I'm still looking for a job. I know I'm so late to look for one right now. Don't worry! I'm sure I will find one. Hopefully. My mum expects me to go out to slave myself rather than staying at home and be a spoilt brat.

Going offline now. It's 1.09AM and I'm going to bed soon! Need to wake up early morning to go see doctor again~ :D

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