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Hey guys! It's been so long since I update using my iTouch. Yes, it was confiscated and it is still confiscated. I borrowed from my sister to use for a day. Why? My keyboard got taken away by my mum again. Haha!

Nope, I wasn't that much upset. I was intending to play maple with my few friends and classmates when that happened. Oh well. This means that my fate with maple is not as connected. LOL

But don't worry, I would prolly get my keyboard back next week when all my major exams are over.

In fact, I doesn't seems to really care so much now. The only exam that might freak me out the most is social studies, which is like on Monday? I better go study soon. But I didn't sense the motivation or the urgency of it. Haha! I'm doomed!

Chinese and tikam science, I'm not too worried about them. Cause I know I'm gonna fail my science again.

Anyways, I prolly will be starting afresh this blog again after my o's. I wanna blog more pictures, instead of words after words. And there are a few things that I've written and not proud of. So.. Yep! :)

I'll see you guys next time :)

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