Class outing

by - 9:47 PM

Last Wednesday,

I attended my class outing. We went to Seoul Garden @ Farrer Park. It was pretty normal. Half of the class didn't turn up. Good for me! I don't really wanna see most of them. Sat with Cassandra, who run around to sit, Jamie, Hui Ting, Lynn and Adilah.

I ate till full. It was funny when the person serving us, kept giving us the wrong food. For Brendon's table, they ordered 8 ice creams and only 3 were gave.

We left somewhat early, 'round 8 plus. Travelled all the way to Clarke Quay to walk around and to Liang Court. Took some pictures and Hui Ting was all panicking. Thus, we travelled home.

Been working so lately. I want to go shopping. That's all. Can't anyone grant me this wish?

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