It won't go away

by - 8:14 AM

DRACO! Is he cute or what!

Okay, time flew. I'M BORED! I noticed besides working and falling sick.. maybe watching few dramas or spending time using my iTouch, I wasted my whole holiday. Ptan was right all along. That Olevel feeling is coming back to haunt me down. It's been here since last week but the feelings became stronger as days went by and there's nothing stopping it.

Fear, the feeling that caused you so much worry and you just can't stop thinking about it. Your results, your emotions, your future and what lies in front of you.

Some people doesn't care much, but I do. I should have mature earlier. This is just not the right moment. Worry sick and there's no one and nothing in this world could able to calm you down and take away this feeling until that day come. Releasing the results.

Wanted to buy some English novels to read, but I'm in need of cash. Everyday is passing and I feel my whole day being wasted. People would comment, saying things like, "Go do something about it then." But I can't. I just can't. Without money, the world continues to spin, but you just can't survive well. Changes can be made only when there's money.

P/S Well, this is just a short update. Not taking any photos lately(in fact for months!) so pictures are upload instead of my photos. IKR, SAD UH MY LIFE! FML MUCH!

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