Merry Xmas ho ho ho

by - 12:27 AM

Hey guys, I finally can't stand my sec 2 pic any longer. LOL

Been working a lot lately. Yes, I'm sick physically. Quitting one of my jobs this end of the month. Stupid boss with stupid attitude. Plus, her family surname is 'Chan'. So, you think you wanna bully a 'Chan' too? Take hell with you ass hole.

Yes, today is Christmas! Merry Christmas to you guys who have been reading my blog :) No, I'm not celebrating Xmas. I just can't find the right feeling for this season. But thanks to XT for your care bear, the only present.

Actually I was suppose to be working today and yesterday. But fuck it, it's Xmas and there's no double pay? You can go to hell man. I was not feeling well yesterday and I told my boss I couldn't work and she gave me a fuck up attitude. What, you think you're a thirty plus years old woman, you think I would be scare by you?

I know I've been writing way too little ever since I renew my blog. But I've no inspiration to write and my life is not like a bed of roses right now, it's so uninteresting that I got sick and tired of it.

Also, to those of you who follow my twitter, sorry I was quite moody this few days. Sick and people kept giving me attitude or excuses of last minute back out stuffs and etc. That's why I got so tired of trying to go out with people this few days.

Well, winter days are gonna be over soon. I hope 2011 will be a much better year for me. Maybe I should blog about my new year resolutions which I know even if I told you guys, I still can't do most of them. LOL

Oh right.. gonna prepare to go NEX now. Of course, with my mum. Plans all sorted out till end of the year, I'm busy woman. LOL See ya!

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