Rapunzel, let down your hair~

by - 11:29 PM

It's been days since my last update. Last week I went to watch this awesome movie, Rapunzel. I've never really been a Disney fan but this story was good. I like the way they go into the story. Normally, people just concentrate on the romance part and end it with happily ever after. But this was quite different. It showed how much Rapunzel wants to go see the lanterns and how she met this guy. I liked the songs sang by them too. I'm so gonna download 'em down when I've time.

However, I've been sick. Not really. Just very tired. Yesterday I got sore eye, not red but it hurts pretty bad. Woke up today feeling better. Am I working too hard? Now whenever I looked at the time for work, I got this feeling just like how I doesn't want to go to school. I guess it's pretty much the same, only it's work here and you get pay.
I was mistook as the information lady, four times! Am I too friendly or what? I wanna go shopping. Christmas is coming, yet I do not have time for anything!

Wow, I gotta go prepare for work now. Lethargic!

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