Boring life

by - 6:51 PM

Alright... What have I been doing? LOL!

I went out with XT last Thursday. We went around places like some unwanted citizens. Roamed around Marina Square for Seoul Garden. Then I got scammed by her to Bugis... And I wasted my three hours on LAN. Thanks. Nothing much to say about that day too.

Last Friday went to meet Lynn to help her pick up present at Tamp for Adilah's brother. Then meet up with XT and Sunset Nana to accompany her to Clarke Quay to buy sticky. Went to sit by Singapore River and got up in a super unglam way that caused all attention on me. -cry-

XT then intro us this nice pasta shop for dinner! Yummy! Oh, photos in XT's iPhone! Darn it! I'll upload it up soon.

Going down to AMK hub later with XT for an interview. I think they are in need of people, but I hope the pay is good! They wrote, able to work two times per week! I'm sure I can work more than that, so I'm super happy! :D But I don't really like AMK... brings back some bad memories.

I wanna change my blogskin soon.. Can't stand this one! So hard to use, although it's pretty. I think I still prefer the sidebar one. But I like this header...

I think it's time to watch Supernatural and out to meet XT! :D Seeya!

P/S Nuffnang removed me from membership! I need more readers! ): I'm so sad!

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