that gay man pisses me off

by - 3:15 AM

I looked like an innocent secondary one student, don't I? :)

Well, supposedly I've plans for today. But I ditched it. Was way to lazy to even prepare to go out. You see, going out there meeting people, it isn't as simple as you think. LOL Esp not when you're meeting this weird guy from the Internet.

This guy seriously pissed me off to a great extent. Asked me out for like a hundred of times, so I gave in few days ago. Thought since I'm jobless now, I could enjoy some entertainment. Guess what, after his little 'mission accomplished', he did not texted me until yesterday, and it's me who texted him. I don't do this kind of business - reminding people they have a date with me.

I spend a whole day yesterday trying to get the venue and timing from him, but he pissed me off again. Yes, you know why? He can't type proper English and all his Chinese words are screwed up. What language do you learn? It's not the 1st time I got so pissed over his SMSs. Dumb ass.

But that's not the end yet. He said he had a date with his doctor this morning and couldn't confirm the timing with me. Hell to you. Asked me out and doesn't gimme proper timing and venue? Screw you dick head. Do you know what's more irritating than backing out a date? Him.

Well, to him maybe he thinks I could fly all the way down to Orchard once he finish seeing his doctor and call me? Hell no! By the time I go there, I think it's time to go home! Stupid bitch.

And fyi, you go to see a doctor, you don't SAW your doctor. I wonder how many dead doctors are there already. Gosh!

By the time he texted me back, I got so lazy to go out since I was playing with my iTouch, and you know I could use that for hours god knows what I do with it. LOL Then he told me to get my butt off to Orchard and told me he can't speak well since he went to the dentist.

Wow, I remembered that only time I met him. His Malaysian accent was so heavy that I could hardly understand a thing that came out from his mouth. Now, with your mouth sealed up, how am I suppose to know what are you saying? ROFL

Then I guess he sorta got mad or something, insisting he could speak when I kindly and nicely called off the meet. He replied sharply saying he could speak well enough and even could scold people. Ya, you could scold them. Do they understand? - That's another different story.

Then I asked, are you gonna scold me? He replied ya. Either he was mad at me or he doesn't understand English.. Or both. Then I replied the same thing back to him with a '-.-' face. I think he then sort of understand what I meant and tried to take back what he said. But damn, I was too pissed off to even reply him. After a few hours, he texted me an apology SMS. And he can't apologise properly! -'- Wtf. Few hours to let you know that I am mad at you? Son of a bitch.

That's my story for you all. Do you meet this kind of people? Are you one of them? Leave your comments on the comment section above. Chao outside (Y) !

P/S No, I don't dislike Malaysians. I could understand British accent, quite. But his way of speaking could piss anyone off.

P/S/S I think he looked pretty gay too. LOL!

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