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Hey, long time no see! I know you guys missed me so much! ;D

Yes, read the title and you'll know I've changed my job, again. HAHAHAHA!! I just can't stay in one job... You know, like a guy that can't stop flirting? HAHAHA!! What a bad example. Pui!

Tell you a little about my current job, but this post's gonna be quite long cause I will mostly rant about my previous low paying job, okay?

I'm currently working at Couple Lab as sales promoter. I know you will ask, "But c'mon! You are so shy looking etc. I bet your sales sucks! HAHAHA!" Okay, shut up cause I ain't that bad alright~ I just hate the fact that my manager or whoever ask me to speak up more. So what if I'm shy? If the customers really are interested in buying or whatsoever, I'll speak to them. I speak to them like a friend and I will if you guys just stop staring at my every step! It's just like teacher looking down at you during exam! Simply hate that. I always couldn't perform well if I notice anyone staring at me! That's why I hate CCTVs in those shops anyways. But when you close your sales, it's fun! :D But I think it's quite stress working there. Been having nightmares about work this few days. Now I think Hachi is a better job now although the pay really suck. HAHA!!

Snap back to the main point of this entry! My job at the arcade at AMK hub. I only worked for about a week and I got damn fired! Why? Cause of that unreasonable boss! Well, we didn't really click right from the start because someone forget to tell me that we weren't suppose to use our cellphones during work! But who cares, I continued to use despite him and other telling me. C'mon, boring job like this? You gotta be kidding me! The only point of time I won't use was when it was my turn to be the cashier. You can't supposedly expect me to use while there's two CCTVs aiming at you, right?

I felt like I've been working there for like two weeks when it was only a week or less! This show how much that job sucks.

You know, it was around CNY time and I don't celebrate CNY so I decided to work instead. Just so happen, since boss doesn't like me very much, he decided to send me to another branch on the first day of CNY. If it's near or like a direct bus/train, I'm alright with it. But like cmon, you sent me all the way to Simei and you told me it's near. I had never even step foot into that mall before! I know I doesn't know a lot of things and doesn't go a lot of places but this is too wulu for me to go. Travel fees plus the time to go there, it sucks totally. I mean I would normally just say I'll take the job and have my "little resentment" in my mind or complain to my mum which she would nag me about it and we ended up arguing. LOL! Cliche.

So I was like go lo, also won't die right? (Lousy English spotted!) Wow! Then I happened to fall sick the day before. Yes, I told you throat infection. I can't even talk! Also, I can't enjoy my freaking reunion dinner ): So much food cannot eat etc. I didn't even ate meat that night cause it was black pepper - too hot for my throat to handle - and I went on with an empty stomach for the entire day! They think I just don't wanna work or go that far? Crazy people that loved to think so much. Get a life please!

Then I texted them in the afternoon on reunion dinner day. It's not as if I went MIA on that day itself right? They called back and since I'm sick I usually MIA my phone more than usual, I missed the call from them. Anyways, I couldn't pick up the call too anyway cause - reminder: throat infection - how am I suppose to call to them?

The 2nd day of CNY, I went straight back to work although I was still sick! Guess what? I wasn't appreciated at all! Not a single bit! That day I worked as cashier. People kept asking me how much is the GST, how much is a new card, what's their card value etc. I was totally going insane. I've to force myself to speak up and since it was arcarde, people are usually deaf in there. Shit!

Halfway working, (boss wasn't down that day) he called and told me I was fired. Tada! Not that way. In a very indirect way. He totally cannot make it as a boyfriend for sure. Look at his character and look at how he fired people... me.

He beat around the bushes and asked me for a MC. Of course I wouldn't have it. Cmon, I've allergies and 1st day of CNY which blardy clinic was so willingly to open? Hospital? I can't even eat those medication you expect me to wait for long hours and pay for a hundred bucks to get scolded by the doctor (some doctors might scold you, I met one who I told him I've allergy to medications and he guailan me asking why do I even go visit in the first place, WTF?!) and of course, for his damn MC? Dream on kiddo!
He then fired me without asking me why I don't have a damn MC! WTF much! This was somewhat he said, my memory ain't that good.

"Return your uniform today. You work until today."

So unclear, so evil.

Alright, bye!

P/S SORRY GUYS! I know I told you guys I'll blog about this lousy job but I took way too long to do it! I'm so busy with work that I can't even have time to stay home and really enjoy some good shows now too! ): Forgive me~~~ Olive you!

So, how sucky will you rate this job? Never take this job if you ever read my post. Even if your friends dare you to do it! Trust me! LOL! Tell me about it alright? Nights!
P/S/S For those people who think going to Simei was alright for me, distance ain't that far etc - I'm aka late queen. To go Simei, I need to board on this half an hour ride bus then change train/bus to get there. An hour in total maybe? Plus the fees might be more than my hourly pay salary!


I GOT MY PAY FROM THIS SHIT JOB! Guess what... My pay is so little and they ate my 50cents away. I know it's just 50cents but I worked for it okay! :@ Whatever. Bye!~

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