Lunar New Year is fuck up I

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Hey guys, how have you been? Always wanted to update my blog, it's just that my life is boring, nothing much to talk about or complain.. until recently. I got this awfully down in luck! Tell me tell you why...

Tuesday, went to work as usual... Oh, did I mention I was working at AMK hub Zone X? Whatever, back to the topic. After work, have this little 'catch up' meeting with XT and Brendon. It's been like weeks I last seen them. Watched 'Green Hornet' and it was pretty normal I guess. 3.5stars rate I would give. But I was surprised they didn't add in any romance part, only few stupid pick up lines. HA! It was funny... and stupid. Nothing much to add in here only that Jay Chou really needs to shut up. Really cannot stand him speaking in English.

Got home and wifi till quite late... and this was what happened...

It was Wednesday, which means I got a day off. (yay me) Intent to watch Supernatural but guess what? I'm sick. Fuck you very much. Not only that, my life changed totally. I bet after reading this you'll very much agree that my life is a sucka!!! LOL

Hello off day! Sick with throat pain till like some dog that couldn't bark. Really, I can't talk or even OPEN MY DAMN MOUTH. Yea, you'll be asking, next, how am I suppose to eat? Great question! I didn't eat any single thing! FOR THE WHOLE DAY! Yeah, imagine that's you. Throat suddenly became like some mother ass shit and you can't even eat! Then sleep and wake and sleep and wake and you know the cycle goes on until evening... I was feeling a little better cause I couldn't take it and took my sister's medications to eat. Desperate time calls for desperate needs. There were no clinics open for sure. Everyone would have rushed home to eat reunion dinner with their family! Who wanna stay at work with some sickly little brads? NO ONE! And over my dead body if you ever suggest hospital.

No, it wasn't really an enjoyable reunion dinner for me. Mainly because I didn't ate much - few vegetables, little abalones and few strings of golden mushroom. WTF much? Didn't really have much choice too. Then I couldn't even finish my dinner properly, suddenly ke$sha went into me and I totally felt like throwing up that instant.

What a life I have right? This doesn't end right here. I think it would be very long and wordy if I read it all in one post, so there will be a part 2! Stay tuned then.

P/S Recently I watched too much Kimmi's videos on YouTube... So yeah... Keep smiling~ :D

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