Lunar New Year is fuck up II

by - 7:58 AM

(Hey, this is a continuous blog post, so if you haven't read the first post: )

Lunar New Year day one! Woke up by Lion Dance very early in the morning. Like cmon, get some sleep dude! Went back to sleep and woke up once again by neighbour's kid who cried for an hour like non stop techno... but I'm not angry now. Really. 'Cause I know, deep down in my heart I love kids :) Wait, what did I say? Cancel that out.

Alright, back into the topic of me being sway(unlucky). Due to my throat infection, no I am not a zombie, I took an hour to finish eating two pork buns. Then I was suppose to meet my mum at the temple to pray, so I took a very long time to get ready. Most of the time I did were those "mental prepare stuffs" cause I'm lazy girl. Haha!

This one incident got me pissed for few hours. Mad pissed! I'm not petty or what but seriously... went to bath for less than half an hour and tio kan by my elder sister. I mean you spent your whole afternoon watching tv and painting nails if you're in a mad rush you should have go prepare and bath earlier right? Nonsense. Make me have a super bad hair day! Talking about bad hair day... I simply cannot stand the wind. The walk from my house to the bus interchange is about five minutes and less than that my hair is already in a mess. Waste my time making my hair! I can't even find my parting that day cause my hair was completely cui.

Yes, I was very angry that I tio kan out of toilet so I was mad pissed and spend two hours at home trying to calm myself down. That was when I forgotten to dry my hair, which later, caused me headache. Great life isn't?

It was 6.30PM and I promised my mum I'll go down in the afternoon, that means I'm totally screwed. Rush out of house and when I was halfway I got snapped back! I left my iTouch at home and the switch was on! Totally could catch fire, so I went back up and took it.

Rush down once again, my bus came. I already crossed the road, just 7m away from the effing bus stop. Waved to that bus driver and she simply ignored me! SO ANGRY! What's wrong with you? You are not happy working on Lunar New Year then don't work! Quit and go home eat yourself! Was so angry that I pointed middle finger at the driver, but I guess she didn't even see it. I hope you've a sway day woman! -'-

Yes, what's the point of waiting for 30mins for another bus when I was already so late? LRT, here I come! Reached the station and the lift auto shut and went down. I thought at least it would carry passengers up. No, it went down for fun and wasted my time.

Then got to the traffic light. It was on green man and I'm already late, so I run for it. Guess what, I got stitch. Crap! I just run across the road and I got stitch? What the fuck crap is that?! AND I ALMOST GOT BANG BY A CAR!

Yes, I reached temple and got scolded by my mum for being late. Awesome day yeah? ;)

P/S I know I need to excerise! I think I'm too fat. Or maybe cause I'm too weak? ;) LOL!

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