Boredom in life

by - 1:37 AM

This was taken quite long ago. I know right! So long didn't update my blog cause I simply don't need what to update! Work is tiring and sickening. I thought I just got married or got into a sucky relationship with my work. LOL!

This month passes very fast! Look, it's going to be my half of march, my birthday, already! I'm not looking forward to my birthday fyi. Don't ask me why. I hate listening to songs while blog cause I can't concentrate on what I want to write but my sister is talking loudly on phone now and I simply can't concentrate anyways.

Suppose to check about my tertiary student pass and etc for my poly adminssion but I got bored. Been cutting contacts from a lot of my friends and now the only thing that keeps me alive is money. NO, not work. I hate working but that's the only route to money. MONEY! $__$

5th March, I went to JJ Lin's concert. Are you jealous?! LOL!! I got VIP tickets but it doesn't the front rows. I was seated in the senior citizen corner-like place. My side was so quiet and there was this horrible girl who kept looking over and rolling her eyes whenever Jeslyn and I was yelling. It was quite an awesome night!

We takeaway mac 1 for 1 and cab down to Singapore Indoor Stadium cause we were running late. In the end we reached just in time but the concert didn't start till quite a long time. Ate our mac in the cab cause outside food wasn't allow inside. I'll upload the photos soon. But it's remainly in Jeslyn's phone.

Cut my hair and my fringe sucks. Won't be taking any photos too. School is starting soon I guess my boring life is gonna be more boring then. Stress too. Bye.

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