I'm 17 again!

by - 3:55 AM

Hey guys, guess what! I'm officially 17! I kept cracking the '17 again' Zac Efron joke, I know it's kinda lame but it was quite funny too alright! :)

Are you guys excited cause I'm gonna talk about what happen on my birthday!!!!!! Double yay!!!!!

At midnight I got flooded by facebook and replied all of them and slept at four. Woke up at seven by... I forgot. Then can't sleep anymore. Wanted to try and get my lens into my eyes but just couldn't. I was so frustrated! I mean the right I managed to get it in but the left one just don't bug! Hate people who have no degree and could dump in the lens so frigging easy and people who have degree, I mean me, cannot stick those tiny thing into my dry eyes! Then I wasted two hours of my life and my mum freaking pissing me off that day too. To make it worst, I asked for help and no one helped me. Oh well, what a day. IKR!

Supposed to meet my friends earlier but first they went MIA then I wasted two hours on my lens so I've to rush out of my house. Seriously dude, not cool at all.

So I went to Marina Square with Xiu Yun, Brendon, Marcus, XT and Donovan. Ate Just Acia which I took hours to convince them that it was much tastier and cheaper than the stupid Seoul Garden I've been going to. It's like double the price of Just Acia! I was craving for it too anyways. Aren't I the birthday girl that day? God!

Then cab down to Pitstop Cafe and played and slacked.. whatever. Then Jeslyn and Lynn showed up! Really wanna thank both of them a lot since they rushed down to find me! Olive you guys! Jeslyn came after school and Lynn after her work! Wanted to watch movie but there was no midnight shows and the movies I wanted to watch, XT had already covered all. Then we went crazy playing the ugly dolls!

Later that night Brendon showed up behind me with a birthday cake which I was surprised. Very surprised. Cause I was playing the game and when Marcus told me to look behind I simply said "Later." LOL epic move IKR!

I mean I didn't even notice that they went to buy a cake too. I think I was too blur about all too but yeah ate the cake and slacked. Played a boring true or dare which the room is too small we got no choice but to all pick true instead.

Then trained down to Hougang Plaza to play pool. First time played cause every time I go pool with friends I just sat there and watch. I still suck at playing it since I only played once. Don't you laugh! Then mum called and spoiled my mood and we cab home.

That's all about it! More photos I took with Xiu Yun I'm gonna upload them soon and also a complain post about my current job. Stay tune, nights!

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