I hate my life now

by - 7:10 AM

This photo was took on Xiu Yun's birthday celebration. I was a happy kid then. Not now. I'm tired and sleepy. My body clock is trying to ruin my life. Poly life ain't that easy and I hate to say but I missed everyone in school. Include those barbie bitches. They brought excitement and hot scandals in school and make everyday fun for me and my friends. But here, my life is dull. Projects are coming up. Orientation went badly and I fall from high grounds and got concussion. When is my life gonna be okay? I hate changes in my life. Why can't we be the 16years old kid, forever having only to stress about Olevels instead of all this? People always looked forward to the holidays after Olevels. But they didn't realised what lies after those holidays. Changes. It might be good to some. For me, it's bad. Seriously man, my life is so screwed up! When work and studies fall together in my life, I need to bail out somewhere, but I can't escape from my life. There will be consequences. Damn it.

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