Jessie's Big Day!

by - 5:00 AM

Uh huh! Out last Saturday to celebrate Jeslyn's birthday. Although it was held earlier(due to her school day) and it was just a mini party, I enjoyed myself. Went down to Pitstop and irritate Brendon while he worked. Glad he brought his laptop over and we hijack it! We tried to go tinychat and other online webcam services, but it wasn't going as well. So we quit that and played with this webcam instead. Took over three hundreds photos! We are awesome, right? Then I realised that his cam was only 1.3, so lousy! Then I combine the photos together!

Then actually we wanna play pool but the next day I gotta work, so we gave that idea up. So sad! I wanna learn pool! Hahaha! Then wanna find Xiuyun but she went to find her boyfriend. Hmm, then we hang out at Hougang Mall. We bought her a mini cake and I sang her a loud birthday song and got everyone looking. LOL! Then went home. Sadly we didn't do much today but it was cool. Happy belated birthday to my butt Jeslyn! We are 17th again! :) /insert hearts/

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