A Catastrophic Day

by - 3:44 AM

Seriously damn unlucky alright? I WANT TO COMPLAIN.

Few weeks ago, I pick a topic for my speech presentation, a mentor who inspired me. Then I've no idea what to write, so I decided to change my topic to my favourite movie. I asked my class rep whether it was still available or not. He said yes. So I decided to take that topic and I told him about it. Yesterday, I used my entire afternoon just to finish my speech which I love it and bond with it so much. I went home and finished it up till one in the morning.

I woke up late today, which resulting me taking a cab to school. I WANT TO COMPLAIN. WHERE ARE ALL THE TAXI UNCLES WHEN WE NEEDED A CAB MOST. There was this LONG queue outside Compass Point. No joke, it was LONG. I was waiting in line for like half an hour, which I AM SO LATE. I missed 2 buses of 159 just to take a cab. I know if I have taken the bus I would be late too. Then those stupid drivers that come asked us if we are going Jurong/Woodlands. No frigging one will go there please! If I studied at RP I would have taken the cab, but NO. ANGRY AT THOSE DRIVERS. In the end, I'm late for class for 8mins. Thank god NYP has this 10min grace thing or I'll be mark as absent! :@

I spent so much time and effort on my presentation. I love and bond with my story too! Then my class rep this morning just informed me that I coudn't do this topic. I was like WHAT THE FUCK?! I finished already?! He asked our teacher whether one more person is allow to do the same topic but she said no. I was like mad till wanna cry can! Then I asked see if anyone doing the same topic can change with me, but class rep said everyone started already. But Ding Chao told me Joshua hasn't even started yet! He just don't want to switch with me! How cruel! I'm so fed up with my class and everybody! Why is the world so unfair?! How can he do this to me! He messed it up, why am I the one who cleans up the mess, why must I do double work?! Why can't he ask Joshua to change why he hasn't started at all? I've make up lesson on Friday and I've to work on Sat! How am I suppose to finish my other projects that are due next week with this?! I thought I finished one and should be more relax, but no! I'm so stress and fed up right now! No one can help me, I'm stuck with this new topic. I know I can't make it. I'm so angry! If I fail this ICA and it drags all my other ICA and my GPA drops, I'm so not going to study already.

What's worst was that when I go home, I walked and my left leg stepped right into a hole on the grass. I always walk that direction, why am I so sway today! RESENTMENT. I AM A REBELLIOUS KID THAT HATES THE WHOLE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

P/S He must be damn glad I didn't murder him. If he looked like Cedric, I might have rip off his dick LOL I'm also glad he is not! I don't resort to violence~

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