Little of my Love

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One whole year passed, I realised I missed a lot of people. Some of them must have totally forgotten about me already! Ha, but nonetheless I'll post all about them today!

When I was sec 4, I thought I've no life, then I visited my old blog.. I realised I've been going out almost every weekend and there's less stress when taking Olevels than now! Plus, my friends and I are in different worlds, far apart that it's hard for us to find time to meet up anymore.

XT sista,
She has always been part of my life when I was in sec 4, we used to go eat hotpot and LAN together with Brendon and Donovan. Yes, and we used to play with food. Well, maybe me most of the time.. Then we prank people and gotta into very bad situations too. We are in sync too! Or she has been spying on my brain for awhile. HAHA! I also remembered we went all the way to Vivo to do a pathetic Maths paper which I insisted on repeating After School - Because of You for like 50times?

But ever since I started working, I've lesser time for our outings and she went back to play audition so we seldom text each other already. When school starts, we have no time already and I've no common topic to talk to her about. Her friends I don't even know them, I don't play audition already and I'm still stuck in working and school. That sucks I know. FML!

I always go out with her. We went to this mini concert of JJ's before and she was shocked that I started jumping around..literally when I saw JJ. HAHA!! She was the one who introduce Kpop to me and told me about Big Bang. I still love G-Dragon :D HAHAHA!! Then I kept show her cosplay related stuffs. During Chinese period, we always plan what we want to cosplay after Olevels together. But I don't think it's gonna happen now anyways.. but it was fun think about all those plans. I like hanging out with her cause we have common topics to talk about. I like going out with her, one of the reasons is that she is not very tall! I like to hang out with people around my height! HAHAHA! Ahem! Kidding, kidding~

Then things changed after Olevels, again. I started going to work, no time to meet with anyone.. I've no money to shop too :'( And Nana is dead at home reading mangas LOL!! Then we seldom go MSN and we have not much common topics to talk about too. She went crazy over Nico Nico singers - something like YouTube - just like I drifted away falling in love with my Davedays. HAHA!! I've seen her, like real life, for months already unlike when we were in school, we see each other and sometimes even weekends we go Kino or Far East together.

Still okay la, we been friends for like... wait... 6years? WOW! Shocking~ Then I still see your face in school sometimes, plus we are in SU with Shermane.. wait.. What's SU stands for.. Not SJ! Student Union!!! Ya, okay back to main point. But we are in different course now then when I need help, no one can help me! That is the most sucky part cause I always depend on you to help me solve problems or call stupid hotlines or even help me look for a job! HAHAHA! Okay.. even to the smallest thing, help me buy food. LOL!! Okay, I'm gonna stop writing about you cause I'm a bias bitch. I forgot what I wanna say too. :$

Jeslyn butt butt,
That bitch is always making my life in hell! HAHAHA! No la, I remembered we used to just hang out after school at Compass Point, sometimes with Nana too. Just sit there and gossip about who and who. We always got ourselves into trouble too, DM room is like a normal classroom to us like that. I forgot what I wanna say too but I know we still got talk on phone after my Olevels. Our friendship is more stable cause during sec 4 I didn't even have the time to on call with you. Now I actually don't have time, but I fuck care. My ICA gonna screwed anyways. AND BITCH, YOU BETTER STUDY AND COME NYP FIND ME I DON'T CARE! :D

Xiuyun PPA,
I wasn't that close to her at first but thanks to XT and another person.. LOL! School starts already, don't forget about me! Come and text me cause I'm always bored or asleep in lectures. If you want go shopping, find me! I wanna go F21 shop so badly~ I always enjoy going out with her cause she always have her own stuffs to tell and we shop, fly kite and pool together! Your 18th birthday was a blast too! Sorry for the late present :( THAT'S WHY I SAID, ALWAYS MEET OUT CAN?

I know sometimes is me who reject going out but I was busy, really. I wanted to go out and take a lot of photos and bright up my blog for my readers to see too. Sometimes I'm just so busy or too tired. I'll try and make an effort alright? :)

Alright, I'm suppose to go do homework.. I wasted 3hours and my sister made me search for a song without a singer or title. Just a tune. I gave up. LOL!! See ya!

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