Lived in Bitterness

by - 6:53 AM

I finally learned my lesson in a hard way. I tried to keep things the same, I tried to think everything remains unchanged. But I know everyone has move on in their lives, yet I'm stuck on the moment alone. Just myself. Everyone is enjoying their new found lives. I can't enjoy mine as I still want to go back to before, yet I know I can't.

I remembered someone who always hate changes. That person hates to see me change, yet I did. I did not care and I thought changes means nothing.. until I face the changes myself. I see all my friends in their school, settling into their lives, their new friends etc.. I'm facing changes, but I can't accept and I don't want to accept. I refused. Possibly my own mistake, I learn it in the hard way.

Once everything changes, it is never coming back. I know that.. but there's this part of me, deep down inside, refuse to believe and hate this changes. I lived in bitterness.

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