Peter Chao: The el(r)ection is BIG this year!

by - 10:29 PM

Finally the election is over!

I stayed quite late this morning to get to know the results, which I was like, hey I could slept early and wake up earlier to know the results from online! But I was excited to know the results.. Oh well!

I wasn't that interested in political stuffs like this, but after awhile I see my mum go for those rally, heard about different views from people and read xiaxue's blog entires, I found myself wanting to know more about it.

I was only starting to get interested when it was almost over, sadly to say. But I think the Marine Parade one was very happening! It's a good fight though, I think. I like how Worker's Party stay so united too. I watched the results this morning and it's in the middle of the night, the worker's party was yelling and cheering so loudly! Haha but I pity those who stayed near Hougang Stadium.

Personally, I think that although people from my age are still teenagers, we should be more concern about the election. I'm now 17, in 5years time, I'll be... 22years old! So old! Voting is allow to those who are 21 years old and above, so next round of election, we are suppose to vote.

They always say, we must all vote wisely, which I agree, duh! But how to vote wisely without doing a little bit of 'homework'? Haha! 5 years ago, I was... 12 SO YOUNG! I was busy with my PSLE and arcade playing.. and maple. LOL So I don't know about all this. I only know there's a PAP and a Worker's Party. I didn't know there are many others too!

I don't understand why some teenagers don't wanna know about the election.. It's important! We voted(not me, I'm 17!) for them, so they could run the country.. It's the future of Singapore! Wow! Hmm, but I know there's a lot of things about political that I didn't know. Well, at least I know a bit okay!

This post is just trying to say that teenagers should be more concern about the future of Singapore, but just into their gaming etc. And I won't say I support who here! It's a secret, understand!?

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