Random post yet again!

by - 6:18 AM

This post is gonna be a super random one.

Firstly, I wanna wish my dear friends who are taking their Chinese O level paper this coming Monday luck. Bring home an A2 at least alright! :)

Next, I just wanna say... Goodbye to my long hair! I'm gonna chop it off tomorrow. I'm so sad! I actually love my hair right now, but my mum insisted me to go cut it. She has been nagging me to chop it off since like forever! I know why, due to my hair fall. I covered my floor with my hair. The rate of my hair falls is like it's free of charge.. I'm so sad, so I gotta change my hair into another style or something, which I don't like!

Maybe I can try to psycho my mum to let me dye my hair! Which is highly impossible. She will confirm say, "your hair falls so much, dye and damage somemore, even god can't save you!" But I still hope to dye my hair. Black is such a boring colour, espically when you're asians and everyone is born in black in Singapore. Most of my dearest friends have brown, red, orange and very light brown.. I'm to jealous!

Okay, say goodbye to my hair now! ):

My 3 ICAs are over! But I still have written papers.. God dammit! Gotta go revise soon, I've two papers tomorrow!

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