Webcam is dope!

by - 7:57 AM

Hey fellows! I know I hasn't been updating my blog that much as I used to. But recently, I checked my blog tracking device and found out there was this person stalking me. I mean you guys can stalk all you one but that particular person is in my hit-list and the number one fan of Anti Angelus club. LOL So what was that person doing down here?

Back to my work life. I worked last Sunday at T1 with Mint. Oh god, she passed me the shop keys and I went home with it! HAHA! Then she asked me to go back to T1 to pass her the keys so that she could lock the damn door. LOL I was like, fuck it! I wanted to do my microeconomics and plan backfired. So I cab down there and cab home. Good thing she paid for the fare. Who ask her for being so careless?

Okay, I know I've faults too but c'mon, leaving the keys to a part timer is not always the right thing to do, right? LOL plus with my absentminded brain.

AND SHARE SOME JOY! I BOUGHT A LENOVO LAPTOP! MY FIRST LAPTOP! I bet with my sister I could use this laptop for at least 4 to 5 years! Please last! LOL I was quite shock that I bought the same laptop as XT sister. Yay we are so in-sync please!

I should not talk about my Poly life, which I'm too lazy to do all the work. LOL I think I'm gonna fail those modules, fuck! Waste my 1.1k lol.

Whatever. Kthxbai.

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