What was she saying?

by - 12:30 AM

Wow gosh! Before I have my speech, I was freaking out like a insane bitch. Hahaha! I know I didn't do that well but at least it wasn't that bad. Okay, this isn't my 1st time going up to my class to present. 3rd time I think. But this is my ICA, my exam!! How can one not scare?

Also, the heels I borrowed from Flora is killing me. My legs are totally ruin now. So for a month, I'm going to wear slippers to school. I don't care! Hahaha! So.. How's my presentation? Gimme me some feedback so that next time I won't commit the same mistakes again.

And I know I kept using.. "And" "And" "And" in my whole speech. I got irrtated by my own speech too. WTF! Few classmates said I did fine and my voice was alright. But I kinda think it was too soft. I max my video volume and it was still too quiet. I made grammer error too! Oh my, I'm so suck righttttt! D;

Alright, 2 ICAs down! Tomorrow is another one. But let me just go complete the research report now! I think I'm gonna fail POM! My sisters said this is the worst research paper they ever seen. So I'm gonna show you guys, in case you are scared off from my blog. HAHAHAHA!!

Okay, I need to head back to school... AGAIN. What a waste of time. Alright, bye!

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