Boogies attack!

by - 7:41 AM

Don't you just HATE those people who sneeze RIGHT ON YOUR DAMN HAIR? I KNOW RIGHT.

I was sitting on bus 159 to work that day, and guess what? I washed my hair till smell so nice and so neat. Then got this lao ah pek come sit behind me and started coughing all the way. Normally when you cough you cover you mouth. Well, I don't know if he did cough INTO my hair or not but I wasn't gonna talk about that.

I was so pissed when he sneezed without covering his nose! He sneezed RIGHT ONTO MY FUCKING HAIR! Additionally, he sneezed till so loud that the everyone near him in the bus turned and stared at him.


It's like, you can even felt the breeze on your hair. Get it?! Just that this is not a goddamn breeze but a millions tiny little germs that just flew and landed on my hair with his boogies! Gross please!

Yes, we can just wash it off but the problem is not about washing it off! It is about me working the whole day with it! C'mon, how about me sneezing into your hair? It is the same theory that applies to your face! No one sneeze at some one's face.. unless you wants it or for entertainment purposes?

I don't care how many people are gonna comment about me being so rude to an elderly. Seriously, you're an elderly, you know you should cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. It is THE basic manner.

There were two little boys sat opposite the old man, and by little boys, I mean those 14 to 15 years old boys. I turned too fast and they stared at me. If they haven't stare at me, I would have stared at that old man longer. That fucking old man just gave me the "I don't give a damn" look, not even feel apologetic! How about me fucking sneeze all my boogies on your hair, old man! Oh wait, you don't have to worry much, you barely have hair!

Of course, I don't let those people get away so easily! I kept touch my hair during the whole ride and turned back occasionally to diao and glared at him. Damn right, feel guilty old man or you don't even have a heart! My beautiful hair keeps falling already, can't you pity 'em and leave 'em alone? Bitch!

Alright, should end here. So long, goodbye, adios!

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