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Oh don't freak out, you're in the right blog.. I guess. HA! I've been crazy about Japanese stuffs these past two days. I wanna learn Japanese again. But I guess I'll soon give it up as I don't even know a thing.

I'm currently too busy to work so don't bother about money right now. Actually I do! My past two months pay haven't even reach my pocket yet! What is going on!!! I told Mei Zhen to send it over to AMK but still hasn't find anytime to pick it up even though my school is so near AMK hub! FML!

Little updates about my ICA aka exams. My stats paper was full of shit. I just wrote crap and handed in. Economic was still alright but I couldn't finish the paper anyways. My speech sucks as you can see from my video.. below. *points* My POM report sure cmi too. The only thing I'm glad about is my accountings paper. But then I realised I started to lost my way when I learn new things like inventory and accounts receivales. Forget it, I can tell that you're bored.

Fun stuffs now! I went played pool at AMK for a double of times with XT, Brendon, Xiu Yun, Zhi Feng and Donovan. My skills are still as bad as ever. Suddenly feel like getting myself a pool table to play. Then I realised my house ain't that rich or that big. *sobs* I envy those people who are filty rich and owns those awesome penthouses with pool table etc. Damn, if I own one, I will party everyday!

Oh! I went to Kbox with Brendon and XT yesterday. XT was late since RP released her late. Last day of the term for her, I'm so jealous! My term break I can't relax but to chiong work and homework everyday! But I still wanna go shopping so much. Why can't I have more than 24 hours?

Alright, I'm crapping again. I noticed that I crap a lot nowadays. HA! I wanna blog about an entry on a pissing off incident, then I realised many people stalk my blog. But you know what, fuck it, I'm posting whatever I like! Screw those haters! (N) HAHAHAHA!!


Gerard freaking told me I looked like Lady Gaga --''


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