Term break, no?!

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Hey guys, I wanna share with you a little about what I have been doing this holiday. Well, this is not called a holiday, or a term break. It is actually for us to prepare for our exams once this break is over. I guess I found it out too little too late.

11th June
I went to work at AMK whole day. Boring but tired. Yes, that was when that ah pek sneezed into my damn hair! I'm still pretty upset.

13th & 14th June
I went to temple to help out with my mum. It's a big event to celebrate a god. Busy days and I guess I don't have time to think about my school work. But for the 13th, after I helped out at the temple, I went to find Xiu Yun and XT for kbox before I went home later watching XT ate her dinner.

15th June
Woke up late and rushed to Shermane's house around three. Worked our IT ICA projects together and.. well, at least we manage to get few things done.

16th June
Worked whole day at Tampines One with Fiona. So long no see her already. But whenever I work with her, I mostly will get myself injured. Don't ask me why.

17th June
I went Nana's house to play with wigs~ I remembered. Like a finally! Photos... will be uploaded when Nana finish editing the photos... Which I think will be quite long since we used webcam to take photos. HAHAHAHA! She spent 45mins on my right eye make up. My eyes are hard to draw, if you can make my eyes look good.. you can rule the make up world already. Wonder if Michelle Phan can draw my eyes nice or not. HAHAHA!

18th June
I went back to school for a project meeting and wasted my whole evening and night on YouTube on iTouch. I slept at around 4am? Ever since that day I went Shermane's house, my body clock sort of screwed up and my mind got fucked ever since.

19th June
Work again at Tampines One with Fiona. Yes, I injured my left little toe. I pity my poor toe. Hahaha!

20th and 21th
Like today, I'm suppose to do some work yet I wasted my time on computer and wake up late each day and realised my day have gone too fast.

Oh crap, look at the time now. It's 5PM! It's a damn evening and I've done nothing but this post. Really... Someone please slap me?


P/S I made another blog for daily ranting. Not updates, not complain about funny things. Just like a normal teenager's blog. Rant about my life. Every little bits. I might make vlogs too! :)


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