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Hey guys!!! It's been so long that I actually updated my blog. Well, I've been busy. I've been busy for awhile now. I realised I kept wasting my time away. Like today, I went back to school in the morning 11am for a project meeting to do my IWT project that due on this coming Tuesday.

As the matter of fact, I woke up late and I have to ask my sister to drive me to school. I reached school around 11.17AM, I realised they were at Mac eating breakfast, so I joined them till 12noon. We went back up to the library and I slacked so much in there! I didn't even know what I was doing and suddenly, the library was closing. That means it was already 1PM! Time really flew too fast! Then we took our time to walk down to Mac and beginning doing our work. It was around 2PM then we really started doing.

Again, we were interpruted by those uncles and aunties as they wanted to clean the place up. We go and find other places to sit and we didn't do much and it was 5PM. I went home at around 6PM and reached home around 7PM.

I think I didn't do much in school. I could have die more in bed or on computer at home. At least do something! Or watch my HP7 part 1 so that I could watch my part 2! Seriously, I think I might be the last one to catch that show. Or worst, maybe due to exams and stupid project meetings, I won't have enough time!! /cryoutloud/

Alright, coming back to the main point of this blog... Although this blog doesn't seems to have any main point.

I wasted my time this whole evening to set up a blog and editted the skin and everything, then I realised I still love my current blog. Kill me for being a stupid fool! /dies/

If you want to see, it's here! http://www.sixtyynineroses.blogspot.com


p/s that is why i hate taking pictures while wearing specs!

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