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Long post! You've been warned.

School's been my everything right now. Not that I want it, not that I enjoy it either. But right now, I don't want to talk about school. I want to blog about what happen this evening!

I was on the way home with Annabella. As usually, I'm taking 159 home from school. Well, I must say that this ain't my first time seeing crazy people in 159 already. The first one was an aunty yelling on top of her cracking voice. But she was not harassing anyone, so I wasn't greatly affected by her.

However, this old man today was freakish scary! The bus is always full around the evening time as Secondary school students and other working adults are going home. Then I went up the bus with Annabella. There isn't any place for us to sit. Then we chatted for awhile and there was a seat so I asked Annabella to sit. Then I was standing and talking to her until few people got off the bus.

That was when it all begins! There were a few seats available and this old looney guy tapped on my shoulder, asking me to sit. Fyi, he was seated too. Then as I'm a polite person, ha, I thanked that old man for telling me and went to sit. It was not that far away from him... like less than a meter.

At that point of time, I thought he was just a normal old man. Then I sat there and pop in some music. Then he sorta called me and sorta used hand language, pointing at his wisit. I assumed he was asking for the time so I looked at my iPod and told him it was 6PM. Then I went to my music world.

Then he stretched his hand to my view, like duh, he was trying to get my attention. I thought he wanted to ask for something so I looked up at his direction. Then he pointed at my hand then pointed at his fingers. So again, I assumed he was praising my awesomly done nails, so I just smiled and nodded my head. Back to my dream and music land.

Then he kept calling me! Like more than five times please! I was even too lazy to pull out my ear piece and I was blasing music so I just simply nod my head to whatever he was saying. I hope he didn't said "Eh girl, I got a job offer for you, do you want?" Oh god, better not!

Then the fucking thing is that I was slow in reacting! Soon I realised he was loonetic as he tried to show me a card or something and begin pointing and do sign language that I don't understand! I texted Annabella since we were seated away. She told me to ignore that old guy. I did, well as least I tried. When he couldn't get my attention, he begin to tap on the person in front of me's seat. Okay, this sounded a little Singlish. What I mean was he was tapping on the person's seat in front of me.. Did I make it more clear?

Then he was waving and calling me, the people in the whole goddamn bus was staring at me and that old man. I was so embrassed! He just can't stop harassing me! Then he made it even more worst when he tried all his ways to catch my attention.

I just looked at him and simply nodded my head and looked away again. He kept calling me!!!!! Irritating old man! I mean I am kind and thanked him for telling me there was seats available but that doesn't mean he can harass me!

It'sjust like saying your guy classmate lend you copy his homework, in return, you marry him? Bullshit! Plus, one fact about myself... I hate people calling me or trying to talk to me when I am listening to music or daydreaming.. or both!

One thing that pisses me off was the fucking people in the fucking bus! They simply stared at me or that old man and do nothing about it! Normally in school, you were told by moral education teachers that if you feel uncomfortable with anyone in the goddamn bus, you should go and tell the bus driver. Well, firstly I don't think the driver will care. Secondly, the goddamn bus is too full. At least someone step up to inform the driver or at least help me out of that harassing situation? I mean maybe I dressed too nicely today?

Now, you would ask me, Angelus uh, if you say the bus is full, there should be people blocking you and that old man right?

Fyi, in case you get all confused, this was where it all happen~


Yes, the bus was crowded as hell. But I think Singaporeans are very kind. They purposely left a space in between the old looney man and me so that he can called me and made a din. Seriously, I really cannot take it. Singaporeans, what can you all do? All day take photos and posted it up on Stomp. Can't you just help the poor young lady over there?

Well, it was not until a young man, prolly age around 25+? He stood inbetween me and that old guy. I was like PRAISE THE LORD.

Seriously, Singaporeans if you can't do anything, don't keep staring at me! Thank lord I was having a good hair day at that time. Maybe I dressed like a korean much? HA HA. But really, he creeps me out okay!

FYI AGAIN, he dropped down at a stop before the Mental hospital alright! Dude, what the fuck?!

Want to complain more, but my ill sister came back and started talking so loud that I lost all my ranting vocabs. I mean.. wasn't she suppose to be sick? She was coughing madly as well. Ha. Ha.

Oh wait, before I end.. Let me show you my nails!


And this was what I wore today to school. If you saw me just now, now you know that was me!


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