What a week!

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Short post just to update you that I'm still alive and loving you readers!

The week passed by so quickly. I've no problem in being fatigue at all. Everyday sleep so late that last night I slept at three in the morning and finally today I don't have to work so I slept till two in the afternoon. Gosh! Yet I still feel I'm not fully charged.

Alright, Monday went passed way too fast. I stayed back in school with Yi Ling and met up with Brendon to go Bugis in the end, despite being so tired.

Tuesday I have my presentation exam again. This time I talked about my favourite pop idol, Justin Bieber! However, I was very nervous so I think I did even worst than the before. Plus this time, the classroom is bigger, I need to speak louder but I got sore throat so I think I sorta fail this one. I'm so sad!

Wednesday went to clinic to check up cause that time I was suppose to go but it's been months and the school keep asking me to go. Then I went to play pool with Joanne and Yi Ling. Since they never played before, I gotta teach them from the start. I'm not a good player too. I just started playing on my birthday which was only months away. Then I managed to teach Yi Ling how to play. I'm still stuck at teaching Joanne, but I'm a very patient person so I sorta still fine.

Thursday was a very long day. I wanna blog about an incident that occurred in the morning when I was on my way to school. But I got a feeling it will be a long post so I decided not to mash everything up or it'll be super messy. I didn't even know I got GSM exam! I went to school unprepared but I think I might pass... hopefully.

Friday, getting down Friday~ I went to school early to teach Annabella and Jastina how to start and do their IT project. I'm such a kind person. Although I'm not an expert but I tired to teach them. I'm a very helpful girl~ Karma should award me with money or thicker hair. Although, not the money, I prefer hair!

Then we have Stats lecture cause we missed it out on Monday. I was seated in the 1st row. I can't even listen to get anything into my goddamn mind please! I don't even bother to look up as my head was tired. I left to meet with Brendon and XT for pool. Joanne and Yi Ling came along but Joanne needed to go home before 8. She's is 18 years old, she never been to club, pub, LAN or played pool until Wednesday I brought her and Yi Ling to play. I feel like I'm teaching her to be bad LOL but she said being a bad kid is hard cause she can't even play pool.

We ate at AMK MOF which I was dying to eat there before and I finally got a chance! Their food wasn't super nice.. But it was the only one place where there isn't crowded unlike Pepper Lunch or Fish and Co.

Alright, talked so much... Time for pictures!


Yi Ling helped me tie this, but I'm not too sure what she was doing..

Side view~

Plain Udon from MOF!


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