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Sorry guys for mixing in apples(MIA) for such a long time! I was really busy. I've been partying all week! Just kidding.. I'm not even the legal age to party and act like a stupid wild dog yet.

So when you grow up from being an innocent baby, to an irritating preschooler to a spoiled kid in primary school to rebellious young adult to partying all day adult. What a life!

Just kidding. This month you might notice that I don't really have pretty much lots of things to rant about. Mainly because I switched from bus taking to the frigging train. Normally people would have prefer that... but really? From Punggol to Serangoon to Bishan to Yio Chu Kang each day back and forth just to go to school? BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!

My holidays are coming soon and hopefully I can update more stuffs here! This week is exam week and truthfully, I have yet to study a single thing. I screwed up my stats paper today anyways.

Just a short update informing you guys that I'm NOT dead! Yes, I cut my hair but it doesn't make any different because my hair has once again grew longer and it's looking like hays. /Insert crying faces/

Next post will be a funny post. Still thinking how should I write it. Hehe.

Oh yeah.. I totally forgot to blog one entry to complain about my workplace.. you guys should remind me about it! :(

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