Love at first sight?

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As I promised, I'll blog a funny incident that happened recently. Btw, if you're wondering, I'm listening to Backstreet Boys songs. I simply love old bands~ *insert hearts*

Few weeks ago, I just finished my POM paper. My exams didn't really end but I just feel like playing out of the sudden. So I pulled Joanne and Yi Ling to AMK to play pool. Yes, I sometimes do drop by AMK to play pool, you might find me there.

We were playing quite happily and noobishly. Well, it had been months since my last game so my skills were summarized in one word: Rusty. Hahaha but that doesn't mean I'm a good player, it only made me worst.

I taught Yi Ling and Joanne how to play pool although Joanne just can't learn it.. Okay back to the point. When 3 lousy pool players united, we were just disgracing ourselves there.

That was when the funny incident happened. The 3 guys by the next table were just leaving and one of them came over our table and told me this: "Hey, I saw you all played, not bad.. was wondering if you guys might be interested to play with us?"

At first I was thinking they just wanna play one round with us so I just agreed. I'm quite a sociable person, you know. HAHAHAHA!

However, he said: "er.. no no, I mean we were just leaving, maybe you could leave your number down and we could meet up for a game..."

I wasn't thinking straight at that point anyways. 'Cause normally when guys take numbers from you, normally they just want to know the other girl in your clique. Well obviously, he wanted to know Yi Ling.

I gave him my number since it was not really concerning my business. Then they came back to find us and chat. In the end, we exchanged numbers.

Then I realised that one of the guys kept texting and calling me. I got so pissed off thus I diverted my phone to Singapore Casket...

Okay, you know what I kinda forgot about the story but you know what I mean. Kids, don't anyhow give your number to others unless he's kinda cute or good-looking. Who knows anyone will be so irritating?

Yes, fyi, he asked me to be his girlfriend right that night after I just know him. He texted and facebooked me. I really can't stand people who asked for a relationship through online. I find it damn kiddish and not serious at all. If you guys do that, that's for you. I just think that is too secondary school and I'm way too old for these kinds of things. The way he tried to flirt with me were kinda old school ways.

Anyways, I don't really give a shit anymore. One of the last messages he spammed me was telling me he liked a girl for 4 years and he can continue to wait for me. Don't be too touched, my dear sister, XT stalked his Facebook and realised that he liked a girl like a few weeks back before he know me. Oh please, are you that despo?

Sometimes I just don't get what some guys are thinking. Don't anyhow tell a girl you'll wait. In other words, you're just meaning you'll just keep her on radar until you find another better and pretty one. Boys will always be boys.

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