Miscommunication? - Part 1

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Hey guys! Miss me?

I know I promised to blog about this funny guy I met like weeks ago. I saved it as a draft but then I realised I didn’t have the time to really finish it. I’m gonna rewrite although I forgotton everything. It's already at the bottom of this post!

But this post isn’t about him. This post is dedicated to my work place. Yes, although I do talk about them often but this time I’m really very pissed off. I’ll split this into part 1 and part 2. The whole issue is in a summarized in one word: Miscommunication.

I received my schedule that I was supposed to work on 10/09/2011, Saturday at Dbg. However, due to few reasons, I don’t wish to post here (sorry!), I couldn’t attend work. On 07/09/2011, Wednesday, I texted M who is one of the higher rank staff there. She did not reply me until the next day I decided to text one of my manager, A.

I’ll reveal the content of the message here.

This is the one I texted to M:
“Hey I 10 Sep cmi leh!”

This is the one I texted to A:
“Hello. I this sat cmi for work leh.”

Yes, it’s in broken English but if normal Singaporean or those who stayed in Singapore for at least 3 years or so would mostly understand this Singlish, right?
If you don’t understand, both of the messages mean I’m unable to work.

Both of them did not reply to my texts. Well, for A, he always doesn’t reply my messages so I don’t really care. At least I told them.

On 9/9/2011 – I received a message from M:
“Remind u tml got work at ps
(dbg) n start 2pm until close.”

I was so damn surprised as I already texted both of them that I’m unable to work. Since my phone currently doesn’t have any value, I couldn’t reply her. Thus I used Lynn’s phone to reply her. I told her that I already told her I am unable to work on Saturday and I did mention to A too.

They missed called me and Lynn’s phone many times. I called back only realised that they tried to push all the blame to me.

M answered the call and passed the phone over to A. He took it and at first I was trying to be polite.

However, he was being very rude by saying I did not mention anything about me unable to attend work. I told him that I did text M and him. It was his tone that I was upset with. The way he put it, he was accusing me of not telling him.
He said it in Chinese; I’ll be kind to explain what he just said in English. He was trying to say that I was trying to blame everything to him that I told him I was unable to work when I did not. The way he said – he was so sure that I did not text him. I’m sure I did – unless he changed his number. If he actually did, I would have said I texted his old number. But he did not. Both of them in fact got my messages, but did not respond to any of my texts.

I was so pissed already. He said he doesn’t understand what does “cmi” stands for. He used the same excuse for M too when I said I sent the same thing to M. So, in conclusion, both of them don’t know what does “cmi” stands for.

Of course I would just shoot him by saying people in the Internet knows what does “cmi” stands for. This shortcut is general.

To this who really doesn’t know, it means “Cannot Make It”. I hope that do really clears you up.

Back to the topic, he was trying to push all the blame to me – which I was in all wrong for sending them in shortcuts.
I was trying to be calm so I apologized for that and I promised next time I will text in proper English with full spellings. However, that didn’t shut him up. He continued to blame everything to me. I was already so pissed and my tone changed.
I mean, I already apologized to him – what else does he want? He wants me to kneel down and beg for forgiveness? Or perhaps get him a wife? Seriously, it’s a no wonder that you’re still single and your twin brother already married. Both of you looked really alike, but why are you still single at your age? It’s the attitude and personality that makes big differences.

So I changed my tone and started being rude to him. I guess he was shocked that I was so rude. I don’t give a flying kick about being nice to him anymore. I’m not a bootlicker or anything; I don’t need you to give me a pay rise either. He asked me why my tone became like that. I think he was being funny. Anyone who doesn’t treat me with respect doesn’t deserve mine either.

I repeat myself thrice that I had already apologized for that and promised to use full English – what more does he want? In the end he gave up and double confirm with me if I really couldn’t work on Saturday – DUH! WHY DID I EVEN TEXT YOU IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE IF I AM ABLE TO WORK? AND IF I COULD WORK, WHY ARE WE EVEN HAVING THIS STUPID CONVERSATION IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE.

Upon hanging up the phone, both Donovan and Lynn told me if they were in my situation, they would have already resigned. Well not for me, since I’m working on the 17th and 24th Sep. I won’t see their faces for these two days anyway, thank god!
While trying to calm down, I sorted my thinking. The whole situation is not all my fault at all.

1. If both of them doesn’t understand what does “cmi” means, why can’t they call
or reply my messages and ask me?
2. His tone was accusing me – saying I’m
pushing all my responsibilities to him when in fact I did not.
3. His
attitude sucks.
I’m too lazy to further list out… But you get what I mean.

Fyi, both of them thought “cmi” means “coming”. No one in the right mind would think that way. I guess both of them made an agreement to push all the blame to me. Even if I were to shortcut “coming”, it should totally be “cming”? Please don’t come too much that every word to you means come alright? Seriously, who in the right state of mind would think of that? Also, if I’m able to attend, why in the fuck will I text you to tell you I’ll be coming to work? Are you dumb or what? You’re so not my mum or dad, I don’t need to report to you if I’m coming. Also, I worked under this company for 6months. If I were to tell you I’m going for work every week, shouldn’t I be continuously doing that from the start? If everyone were to do that – how many staffs you own? – Your phone will totally explode with SMSs.

1. I won’t text you for no fucking reason.
2. You don’t reply any of my
SMSs, how am I supposed to know if you got my goddamn messages in the fucking
first place?
3. I’ve always been nice and polite to both of you.
Whenever you called me for last minute work, I helped you out.
FUCKING ditch your bloody job before.

I may be nice, but if you cross the line, you can never go back. My respect for you has gone to zero.

A, don’t think everyone in the company loves you. I met few of the staffs who are unhappy with you. Even if you actually read this and try to find out, no one will admit. ‘Cause all you do is to nag and push the responsibility.
After the two days of work, I doubt A will set any timetable to work for me, so what, I can always go and find better jobs with better pay.

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