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Hey guys! So, I know it's been too long to called 'awhile'. I missed my blog so much! I doubt there's anyone reading anymore. However, if you're reading this, I'm glad. I think I've been long forgotten.

So I heard fall breaks are finally over. I'm depressed truly. I missed staying at home, rushing through dramas and animes, or simply just surfing the net. My stupid insomnia hasn't recover since that day I didn't slept for my Econs paper in which I got C+. Blame me for sleeping during the exam for an hour!

Well, I hope someone is interested to know what have been going on in my life! Don't get your hopes too high though, 'cause to me, it's just kinda boring. It's like the same routine every other day.

First few weeks of the holidays I went out nonstop with my secondary mates. It was fun until things started getting boring. You know, normally I go out with them to eat, pool or slack. Then I think around 3rd week or so, I pick up a new part time job selling crackers at Rivervale Mall. It was alright yet boring. But thanks to few people who kindly came down to accompany me, or I might bored dead!

Here's a pix of the cracker stall!


& eating Ice Cream while working~ Shiok life uh moi! Hehehe.


Sadly, I spent all my hard earn and stupid boring money from the cracker stall away the week after my job was completed. Crackhead me. Then I went back to Couple Lab for awhile. That was when I got into the conflict and what-so-ever. Then I started hangin' out with Jo, one of my fellow couple lab mates. Then I realised- what I've earned in couple lab was too little to support me and yet, I did nothing about it simply 'cause I'm too of a lazy.

Thanks to this holiday, I reunited with my lazy bones. I've watched too much dramas and movies plus my insomnia is getting from bad to worst. Just today, I slept at 6 in the morning and woke up at 7.30am- thanks to my mum's snores and noisy packs of dogs from nowhere.

You might think I've enjoy a lot but I found myself doing nothing but growing fats. In addition, I kept getting nag and yelled by my mum 'cause I was the only living person at home that she could vent all her unhappiness at. & that is THE ONLY reason I wanted to go back to school...

Back to the main point~ I've watched all American Pie movies, Bad Teacher, No String Attached, Friends with Benefits and too much more. I'm now waiting impatiently for my English dramas to come out. I finished Gossip girl till the lastest episode- Why wasn't the baby Chuck's?!

Oh oh oh! I'm back into watching animes as well! I finished Uta No Prince Sama 1000%! OMG the guys there are so hot! I wished they can turn 3D! I finally get to finish the one anime that I kept repeating the first episode and gave up. SOUL EATER. It was nice but I must say, maybe I watched too fast, the ending is quite suckish. Maka took all the attention, where's my Evans?!

& not to miss anything out- My sister's wedding was held like a week ago.. Wait! A week? It only looked like few days ago?! I hate school... seriously?

To add on, I've lost contact with all my Poly classmates. Joke right? This holiday- either I'm working(applies to first few weeks) or out with my old cool clique or down at home. Oh! & not to missed out, I've few "Nana Invasions" too! NO, that's not a movie!

Talking about hangin' out, I only pooled thrice? I know that the 2nd last one- from Pomo pool all the way to Hougang kpool- I've only lost way too much.

FINALLY, today I went back to hougang pool and played and I won! Played loser out and I kept winning until XT couldn't take it so we tag team. It was fine until I played with stupid Donovan with his mind lag like mad! =.=

I think I blah too much? Here's some photos then!

The signing of ROM!


"You may now kiss the bride!~" WOOHOOO~!


FOOD TIME! The area I was seated in was quite dark so I didn't really get a chance to take all the food. It was yummy though!


The zoom in pix looked so gross with my low quality cam.


This looked better with lighting but my flash light was too strong, all the elderly were staring at me as if I was some crackhead.


SHARK FIN SOUP! Nothing can save my pix from this lousy shitty camera. Not even Photoshop! SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPONSER ME A CAM *HINT HINT*

Okay, now for some serious camwhore time!

08102011418 - Copy - Copy (3)

08102011423 - Copy - Copy - Copy


This one was taken at home after the morning ritural and stupid prank games.

Alright, I shall end here! 1 more day before my Poly nightmares- wish me luck!

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