AFA 2011

by - 12:32 AM

Guess who's back!

Recently I'm back to cosplay crazy. Maybe cause I went to AFA 2 weeks ago with Nana. Yes, that Tumblr famous Nana. Hohoho!

It's been years since I last went to AFA. The last time I went was when I was Secondary 3, which was like 3 years back? I've been missing out a lot, I know. But this time, I went back there and I realised everything had changed. I prefer AFA back when it started in 2008.

I think right now AFA is kinda too overrated. It's all filled with Otakus, photograpghers and even those who are not even interested in animes or Manga! Back when AFA started in Singapore, it was simple. Yes, there were many people, but not as crowded as like this!

In 2008, the convection wasn't that crowded, there were tons of spaces for the cosplayers to pose and hang around. In 2009, more people came and cosplayers have to stay outside to get enough space and all that. It was super crowded yet it was fine with me. I missed out last year and I went to see a few weeks ago, it was hectic. I can't even walk through the crowd. I pity all these cosplayers in big costumes, trying to walk through without getting their dresses or props torn.

I went in to the hall and I realised that the shops are repeated. I saw two shops selling the same thing! The only thing about AFA was the cafes, that's all. I went in less than 30 minutes, but I realised I spent a whole afternoon there. Mainly 'cause I was trying to find my way in and out and getting the tickets all these.

In the end, I kinda feel like I wasted my ticket going in. I only got myself a neko hairband and nothing else. I thought it was gonna be shopping time for me, and might even spent more than $100 there. End up, I only spent like $20 on that over-priced hairband. It's kinda sad, don't you think?

Well, this is mainly my view. Also, I think there isn't enough space for the cosplayers as well. 2009, when there wasn't enough space, cosplayers when down a level to camp but this year, there was some event going on down a level so no one went down. I've no idea what that event was, but it was empty with few waitresses and classy tables and chairs.

But it was cool, Nana and I went back and fore to Marina Square and Suntec instead. We went to took neo-print. God, I can't even remembered the last time I took one. I think it was Secondary 3 as well.

Hopefully I can get my costume in time for EOY. Yes, I'm cosing but I'm not gonna reveal the character yet. I'm so scare I might be too late cause I'm so busy rushing my school stuffs that I don't even have time to prepare for it! I'm so dead!



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