Out with Jes

by - 9:15 AM

Went out with Jes today! Today is her last day of Olevels! I'm so happy for her, she's so over with this and she can move on in life. One goal done, more goals to achieve!

Went to meet up with her today at NEX. It's been a long time since I saw her. Wanted to watch a movie but we're too late, it was already fully booked. Then we just walked around, chit chat and went to have dinner at this some weird Hong Kong resturant she suggested. I treated her cause it's a celebration for her, freedom is here for her. But freedom doesn't last long. Enjoy every moment of it.

She said she dreamt we went to that place to eat. Damn the food has big portion, I ate till I wanna throw up. Hahahha. I think this will be a short post. I'm too tired to blog.

Plus, I'm having exam tomorrow and I haven't even revise. DAMN ME.

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