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Hello people in the internet! I'm back!

Hey, I know I've been mixing in apple(m.i.a) for awhile but guess who's back?~ No one misses me? :'(
Right now, I could totally say it. My life is dead!!! All I'm going to going to school and back home and to work and back home. Where's my life! Gimme back my life!

But I'm here to tell you guys that...

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I've cut my hair!!!!

I know this is soooo not me :( I missed my old hair, but whatever~ What do you guys think? Is this bad, really bad or not so bad? Hahahaha! It's sooo short, I can't believe I actually did this kind of thing, again. I just simply chop it off without thinking! What the...

Apart from this I-don't-know-is-that-good-or-bad-news hair thing, I bring good news!

You guys know that I've been working for like 9 months now right? 9 months on the SAME job I mean. & finally it's pay rise time! I had been thinking of quitting the job to change to other one with my friend but I don't really know now. I got this news like this week and I don't know it I should quit or not. I mean, if I join my friend at his job, I'll get back my old pay and start learning everything again, but sometimes my job is so boring. At least gimme more customers to serve what!!! D8

Okay, quit ranting now... I'm quite sad I got this hair cut cause all my clothes doesn't even suit this style! I walked in class that day with my new haircut, one of my classmates was like "what's wrong with you..?!" Yeah, I know man, it's super sad. But quit it, I don't do regrets! Even if I regret, I can always extend my hair back or get a wig or something.. but I'm too lazy so I don't even wanna care less.

Hey, didn't I said quit ranting? Sorry~ Hahaha! Last Monday, Lynn came to my school and we tour around NYP. I mean it was alright but someone still manage to piss me off everyday. Oh, I'm off topic again! *slap myself* Then me and Lynn went to Tamp Mall after my lecturessssss after six. It was so tiring! Lynn commented saying my lectures are boring. I agreed 1000%!!!

Really, after moving from LTC to LTD, a way smaller lecture hall, ahem room, I realised that this freaking lecture room makes me wanna sleep. Not only that, it's small, and the lecturer's voice was bounding off the walls and the surrounding just makes me wanna sleep and it's so small and cramp with 4 classes, I can barely breathe!

That's why, currently is week 3, I haven't pay any attention in any lectures at all! Stats tutorials are a bullshit cause I barely understood the lecture and the tutorials are pissing me off. I hate Friday cause it's the most pack of the week.

Oh and they're being retarded for packing the lectures in the afternoon after lunch break. I mean, who listen in class after lunch break? This is hell break loose man, seriously.

Throw aside all these school craps, I went out with Lynn yesterday again. We went to DBG to watch In Time. Justin Timberlake was still gay-looking to me but at least I think the movie was quite good! It's funny and storyline was exciting. I was not that into Justin though. I was more interested in the female lead, Amanda. She was super pretty! I mean, look at her bob hair, I was guess it's a wig~ and her eyes! Her eyes was so big and bright and her eye makeup is fantastic!!! The whole time I've been staring at her instead of Justin. Like really! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!

But I came to realise that the story was abit off. I mean, look, the time keeper was trying to catch Will (Justin) for stealing time then it changed to them giving time to the poor people... whatever~ I just like that female lead. HAHAHAHA!!

Okay, before I go, post wedding photos of my sister's wedding. Actually it's more of cake and chocolate photos... whatever~

soooo sorry this post is all random and messy cause I didn't really think of writing an entry. It was all too sudden and random. HAHAA BYE!~

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P/S OH YA I forgot to mention that... MY HOUSE BLACK OUT LAST WEEK. HAHAHAH! It was all dark and pitch black and we couldn't fix it! But it's alright now!

my sister's heart shaped candle! hahahah!


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