Types of People who pisses me off

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I've sudden interest in posting this because this few weeks, people have been pissing me off and I totally can't stand them at all! Won't they piss themselves off too? I mean sometimes if I fell into these categories, I would be quite pissed at myself.

  1. Buay(not) steady people

    Personally I think I'm quite an okay person, so if someone were to ask me out or help them do something that I'm able to do, I would be willing to. Not steady meaning they would agree to help you at first, but last minute back out. Or you asked them back or vice verse, they would set you up. I don't mean I hate people who always set me up. If you have your valid reasons, of course I can't be that demanding to you, right?

    If you gimme bullshit reasons like "Oh I can't go out with you cause I wanna study at home." Screw you then. Can't you study at another day? It's not as if your exams are tomorrow right? Or reasons like "I am tired." Then I should tell you that "I feel like slapping you in the face" is an understatement.

  2. Weaklings

    This is especially to girls. I can't stand people who cried for no fucking reasons. Because I'm a girl, that doesn't make me a fucking weak person. Girls should stand up for themselves. They don't need guys to back them up and they don't need to fucking hide themselves in the washroom or a corner to cry and emo.

    People do feel weak at a certain point of time. I remembered back in secondary school, there was this girl who told lies about me and got me into serious shit. I was afraid and I can't believed that it got me so upset for like few fucking days. I swore to hell that bitch's mouth is as dirty as drains.

    But as we grow older, we are no longer a child. We can't let people protect us anymore. We can't hide in the shell forever. If you think you're facing hardships now, what will happen to you when you go out to work in the 'real world'? I don't get it.

    Yes you can cry about anything everything, but at the end of the time, know what you cry for, and stop being a weakling and stand up for yourself! Wow, that was so positive.

  3. People who dilly dally

    YES I KNOW I'M A FUCKING SLOW PERSON. I'm always late, I do last minute stuffs. But I don't walk so damn fucking slow. I can't stand people who walk so damn slow. What? Are you shopping or what? I could shop faster than you walk! You are blocking the fucking path with your stupid ass.

    I can't stand people who take their time into answering your goddamn mother fucking questions.


    "What are we supposed to do for accounting?"

    40 seconds later

    "... what?"

    Mother fucking bitch, listen to what I am fucking saying and respond quickly. I don't have the American time to joke and kid with you. Nor I have the time to fucking stone there like a statue of liberty just to wait for you to answer my mother fucking questions.

  4. People who can't make up their mind

    This one pisses me off greatly nowadays. I don't need to elaborate much.

    "Wanna hang out after this?"


    After this:

    "Oh I
    don't think I'm going but enjoy!"

    SON OF AN IRRITATING GOD MOTHER. How am I supposed to enjoy when you just set me up?! How am I supposed to hang out WITH MYSELF? Use your brain to think! If you don't have brains, use your ass to fucking think. I'm sure your ass would be as pissed off as me.

    If you don't want to go out with me, or do something for me, at least fucking tell me BEFOREHAND. Don't wait till the last fucking minute then there you are, showing your innocent face trying to make me feel bad for wanting to punch you right in the face but actually I still do wanna punch you in the face look.

    Tell me beforehand so that I can find a replacement, or someone more worthy to trust.

  5. M.I.A fellows

    I know you guys might say, hey you bitch, I took 48hours just to contact you through your goddamn useless Nokia phone. *hint: get me an iPhone then*

    Wait wait wait, hold your horses fellas!

    Everyone knows that if I'm at home, contact me through Twitter or Facebook. If I'm outside, contact my phone.

    I don't motha fucking like to contact people who just don't reply. Even if you see that fucking message, reply something. I don't care it's a letter or a word, JUST LET ME KNOW YOU GOT THAT MOTHER FUCKING MESSAGE SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO RUN AFTER YOU.

    If you don't use Facebook and you are not always on Twitter, if you don't fucking take your phone 24/7, how the fuck am I suppose to find you!?

    At least everyone knows you can tweet me or post on my Facebook wall.

  6. Spam-callers

    It says it all. Don't fucking spam call me for no fucking reason. Or stupid reasons. If you know I'm at a mother fucking place where I am not able to pick up a damn call, just send me a text and I'll reply you for fuck sake.

    Don't spam call me because I'm late. 'Cause I'm always fucking late. No point trying to rush me by doing it. If I have the time to pick up your call means I'm a DILLY DALLY PERSON WHICH I AM FUCKING NOT. I might be slow to some people, but I've seen horrible ones.

    AND don't fucking spam call me 'cause I owe you a cup of Koi, or $1. Is that even necessary? Don't call me to remind you to bring your things. I would never do such a thing. The most is 2 messages to remind the person.

    Spamming phone calls only pisses me off. If I'm supposed to meet you, you spam I'll take my own sweet time, which is still faster than those people who dilly dally. If you spam call me to get back something, either I'll bring and give you a black face or I would purposely not bring it.

    Sometimes if my phone is near and you spam and I can fucking feel it, I won't pick up cause you pisses me off. If I'm kind, I would let it ring. If to a extreme extent that you pisses me off so much, I would divert my call to Singapore Casket or some weird places just so that you could not reach me.

    This is should a long post. I shall end it here.

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